The autumn-crisp and bright air that marks the end of summer in Australia always leaves us a little disappointed. However, whether you believe in Halloween or not, roaming spirits probably believe in you and that feeling of spooky danger makes us excited. As a kid, you looked forward to things like making Halloween costumes with your mum but with adulthood comes sophistication. The idea that you can dress up in some kind of a fake Indian outfit and get on a stage in Australia is somehow acceptable . That idea inspires us to create and share with the world great Australian Halloween costumes from
Our Australian costumes give you the genuine courage to wear them every day of the year, not just Halloween. We make outfits that beat the need for glitter eye shadow, poufy hair with braids or extra long, fake eyelashes; Halloweenme tends to keep it simple but classy. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by choices on Halloween. However, nothing beats the thrill of deciding on a costume to wear.
Well, fear not; Halloweenme has got you totally covered. Here is a rundown of our top 10 2014halloween costumes. They guarantee that you will party it up in a witty and hippy way!

10. Gamora Costume (Guardians of the Galaxy)

guardians of the galaxy costume

There is no better time of the year to pull off a mummy look other than Halloween. It just feels right! Witches and princess outfits have nothing on this. This is the perfect costume to help you tap into your scary side. The well-tailored ragged costume is perfectly made to fit any teen that considers themselves spontaneous and wants to try something new. Go for it!!

9. Groovy hippie teen costume

This is a feel-good costume that is specifically designed for teens. It is comfortably designed for those who in a party mood and want to feel funky on Halloween. This costume’s bright colors compliments specific skin tones, so do not go overboard. Rock it with a pair of whit boots and you are certainly good to go.

8. Ghost Rider Costume

The mask is the best part of this costume. It gives you that dark mystery that Halloween should be all about. Well, what better way to arty it up?!It’s better to rock this outfit solo. Pairing it up with a friend or partner just takes away from the oomph the outfit offers. The mask is comfortable enough to see and dance in all night long. If comic books mean anything to you then this is definitely the perfect look this Halloween. Sassy and scary in the right way!

ghost rider costume

7. Grace Kitty Child Costume

This costume will make your child look just adorable. Halloween is certainly a great time to unleash this costume to the world. Your child will become the ‘cutest little thing ever’. It is a super low effort kind of Halloween costume and very puny. Besides, the leg warmers will keep your child comfy all night long.

6. Broken Doll Costume

This costume takes little princesses by storm. Your child will stand out from the crowd, kind of like ‘in a children of the corn sort of way’ and become the talk of the night. Not many children could pull off this rag doll look because it is seldom worn right as it has so much going on. The yarn wig does it absolute justice while the stripped stockings make the outfit outstanding. However, only let your child wear it if they will feel comfortable in it. Top it off with the right make up and the night will be yours to steal away!

5. Gothic Vampire Elite Collection Child Costume

Vampire movies have been dominating screens and conversations. There is no perfect way to recreate this other than to let your child wear this costume on Halloween. If a Harry Potter look is not necessarily your child’s thing, paint their face with some dark colors, spike up their hair; add one or two fake vampire teeth and people would not need to ask who they are for the night they will surely get the message. The ca is a great addition to this costume. The outfit is best for boys.

4. Frozen Olaf Costume

This costume is not for everyone. Although the pretentiousness level of your costume is completely up to you, the costume is best suited for a ‘rock punk’ kind of guy who has an infectious personality. Wearing it is not enough, to really sell it, add that extra charisma to the costume. It might come as a fulltime job for the night but best believe that everyone will notice that you have showed u and showed out!

3. 300: Rise of an Empire Deluxe Themistocles Costume

This costume makes you think; Spartacus or a strong sexy knight in shining armor. Think you can pull off a helmet and a cap? If so, this costume is right up your alley. Pay tribute to the Romans and Greeks by choosing this outfit and there is no reason that you cannot take advantage of gladiator sandals. However, if you lack confidence or are cluster-phobic it is better to settle on other amazing outfits such as the 70’S Plaid Leisure Adult Suit.

2.2 Star Lord Costume

Everybody loves good comedy, or rather, a sexy waitress. You do not necessarily need to be funny to pull off this costume but you certainly need that extra personality to keep you charged through the night. Perhaps you could show off your other side by throwing on the Star Lord Halloween costume. Break away from all the monotonous gothic looks by spicing up the room with a little comedy and contemporary dress up.
And the winning costume…

1. Maleficent Staff and Horns Costume

This costume lets you shine. Nothing will capture the people’s attention more than this costume. But first, make sure that you can pull off both red and white. If this costume fits right whether you have a friend in hand or even if you are without a date, at the end of the night you will certainly be preoccupied. Trust m, everyone will get this reference. Enjoy the spotlight!
There…now that we got your creative juices flowing…It should be quite easy to make the right decision. Make a purchase and let our costumes get shipped to you in Australia in the shortest amount of time. Hurry while stocks last!!!

Maleficent Staff and Horns


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